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These are the areas we put work into make sure that our community is thriving - not just surviving. If you need assistance in any of these initiatives, please fill out this form

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Change Your Name, Change your life  

We want to be sure you are able to update your name and gender marker so you can continue to move about the world with the respect you deserve. This is the program that started it all for us here at TAA and will always be at the core of our work. 


Social Groups 

There is power and strength in numbers. We don't always have a formal counselor present, but we do our best to let the group members support one another. This is why we focus on the social aspect of groups. Sometimes, you just need to hear someone understands you and what you're going through. Navigating being transgender and acceptance isn't always an easy road join us to help shine some light on your path. We have social groups for the transgender community, parents/supportive adults, and youth. 

Rustic Bedroom

Emergency Housing 

Many times people reach out to use looking to secure safe housing. We know that as a country houselessness is on the rise. Neighborhoods are being gentrified and long term sustainable solutions aren't the focus point for many who have the power to change this situation. Here at TAA we do our very best to provide quick shelter and will be growing this program so that it is sustainable. We have been able to place our community in short term options, but the time is now to make long lasting change for growth. Part of this program will include having host families that are willing to house members of our community as we look for more permanent options. We are also still actively looking for a location to place our tiny home! This will also allow us the opportunity to house someone long term. The one house doesn't have much room- but the goal is to build more! 

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Community Health Workers - addressing the social determinants of health

There are many issues that our community faces day in and day out. We know you can't focus on a secondary need if your primary needs are not met. TAA understands and implements the Community Health Worker model in our engagement with community. Whether you need food, clothing, a ride to a doctors appointment, or anything else, our CHWs strive to make sure you get what you need. Let us help build you a plan for success as you navigate life as your authentic self.

Second Hand Market

Thrift Store 

TAA is preparing to have a thrift store!! We often receive donations and what better way to repurpose items than to have a thrift store!? While the store will take some time to get up and running, we still have items that we can share. We will have a virtual store up 1st and then move into something better. If you have items to donate simple reach out to us. If you have items you need, also let us know. It's so much easier to match someone to items when we have a needs and wants list.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Emergency Funding

Once a year, we will open up applications for emergency funds. Previously we have been able to give throughout the year. In order for us to maintain all of the programs we want to see grow, we had to make the decision to focus on once a year. Don't worry, you'll see when those applications open up on our site as well as our social media! If you'd like to donate to this cause, please go to our giving page for the many ways you can support us. Funds awarded will always depend on the number of applications as well as the amount raised for this program. 

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