TAA is here to be a voice in the transgender community to provide understanding, support, and unity to all.  Below is a list of speaking events attended or upcoming. If you are interested in having someone to speak to your organization- large or small- please contact us for booking. taaggsc.org@gmail.com

Latest Speaking Events

Indivisible Midland: Not About us Without Us 

A group of diverse minorities get together to discuss what it's like being represented by people who don't understand being marginalized. While no one person can speak for an entire group, someone who isn't a part of that group can't speak for one person who is. 

UUC Speaking 2019.jpg

Thinking Outside the Gender Box  

An open discussion with the community about identifying as transgender and being an ally. This event was held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia SC. Perspectives from binary, non-binary, and siblings were shared. 


Beckman Center in Greenwood, SC


Co-presenting with Anne McSweeney, LCSW at the CEU Creations’ Training  “Best Practices and Ethical Considerations When Working with LGBT Clients/Patients” for clinicians at the Beckman Center for Mental Health Services in Greenwood, SC. 


South Carolina State University  Orangeburg, SC


Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc.'s Zeta Eta Eta Chapter of SCSU. Speaking to the organization about understanding Transgender Identities and creating safe and brave spaces!


Howard University Cramton Auditorium, Washington DC


The 10th Annual International Conference on Stigma - Youth Power up For a Stigma Free Future!  A panel discussion to dismantle stigma around HIV and PrEP!

In 2015, the National Center for Transgender Equality conducted a survey to better understand many of the issues facing the transgender community.  This survey, United States Transgender Survey (USTS) was available to all 50 states, D.C., many U.S. territories, as well as military bases.  The results of the USTS were broken down and of the 233 people surveyed in South Carolina, 81% said their ID did not match their name and/or gender. The primary reason listed was financial barriers.
Could you imagine simply trying to buy a cup of coffee with your debit card, only to be told no because it’s not you? Or standing in a long line at a grocery store, filled with people, and the cashier says loudly, “This ID can’t be yours; the gender doesn’t match.”? The humiliation that comes with living authentically without the right support can lead to a spiral of depression. 
Transgender Awareness Alliance aims to help people in the transgender community get their names legally changed, by taking on some of the financial burden. This helps to make life just a little easier in a world that can make living extremely difficult. Simple things like allowing a parent to pick up their child, without having to be questioned about their ID, or stopping a teenager from being singled out during a fender bender because their Drivers License didn’t match their presentation. More importantly, a legal name change affords someone the opportunity and courage to apply for jobs and help create their own financial stability.
You can help us help more people get a legal name change by making a donation to Transgender Awareness Alliance