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What is 'Cis'?

My goal, is to educate those who are willing to learn about my community. Having open and honest conversations is the best way to do this.

Recently, I've had 2 people ask me what Cisgender meant. First, there are many opinions regarding labels- some people like 'em, some don't. What I have come to realize is you must have some sort of labeling system to understand different things. Here's a simple example. If you ask someone to pass you a tool, you could get a hammer or a screwdriver. Now, many people have learned to use a screwdriver to hammer something, but that's not my point! :) If you need a specific type of screwdriver you need to label it- phillips or flat head. These are the times labels are important. We label people to understand a little more about them. Unfortunately, people have used labels to discriminate and belittle others in society for ages.

Now, when we talk about the term Cis or Cisgender- this essentially is anyone who IS NOT transgender. A woman, who was born a woman (assigned female at birth), and lives life as a woman is a Cis woman, Cis female, Cisgender. A man, who was born a man (assigned male at birth), and lives life as a man is a Cis man, cis male, Cisgender.

I can't tell where this term came from, but it is a way to understand the differences in people. I hope this helped you just a little bit!

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